Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting: the technology that travels on "clouds".


The term "cloud", which translates to cloud computing, marks the new wave of technology for hosting and storage which develop completely online. Cloud hosting can be considered an evolution of shared hosting (service that provides dedicated resources in shared environments for display in their network web pages using a personal account on a particular server) as either way it's shared environment but with different features and capabilities. An account to take advantage of cloud hosting service can be compared to a real VPS (Virtual Private Server) with the difference that, in this case, the account is "managed", which is updated and maintained in its maintenance by the service provider.


A distributed and scalable service


Cloud hosting is proving in practice a highly reliable service thanks to its own structure: this service provides warranties on both the CPU (central processing unit) that on RAM and, since often these resources are enabled using virtualization, you are done so that you can handle the possible need for more resources to be used in real time, avoiding the danger that such action can slow down your system or even block it.


How was this possible? Thanks to the high scalability of cloud hosting service, which distributes remotely usable resources in network using server architectures clustered collections, ranging in form of real data center, called in the jargon "server farm" (server farms). Thanks to the redundant servers with each other, the work is divided up and distributed without overloading the system. This same trick also serves as collateral in case of possible faults: If you stop the activity of a server, the operations would be effortlessly supported by other servers in the cluster, ensuring the performance and maintaining the high degree of efficiency. A final factor that contributes to defining the high reliability of service is the geographic distribution of the data center: although not a fundamental value for the success of cloud hosting, it's an added value because the smaller the geographical distance between the provider and its data center, the smaller the risk of any downtime or time-consuming repairs in case of failure of one or more servers.


Shared Cloud Hosting and Cloud Cloud Dedicated Hosting


For companies who approach for the first time in a cloud technology and require a cloud hosting service for their online portals, can be very useful to specify the two choices that differentiate the options of use of the service (and which can often determine the quality): cloud shared hosting and dedicated hosting cloud. The first service, as indicated by the word itself, is provided to the company through the use of shared data center with other clients, which may be totally irrelevant or otherwise prove a disadvantage depending on the amount of work required and the need for active instances of the client. The second type of cloud instead hosting guarantees fully dedicated resources to a single client, which inevitably leads to having more guarantees on the efficiency and reliability of the service.